Bold Pro Laser Hair Cap
I have bought this BoldPro laser cap 8 Months ago and used this cap every other day, it worked well for me. My hair loss stopped and Seen regrowth is some areas. So eagerly waiting results for coming months.

Hennigar B

I have been using this BoldPro laser cap for past 5 months, Obviously it worked well for me. The one problem i have is my head is very large and it is a tight fit.

Nicolois J

I was able to get hairs that were short and weak to lengthen considerably. this BoldPro laser cap I can recommend. I find real value here compared to other competing products which are also laser based. Also take note 272 lasers here when comparing to other products.

Harlan O

Began using this BoldPro laser cap 6 months ago and there is a dramatic improvement. After 2 months I started noticing faster hair growth and filling in on thinned out areas.

Diane L

I LOVE this BoldPro laser cap. Every mornng I would get up, take my shower and do my hair. Seeing hair in the sink was a daily ritual (MY HAIR) My husband had taken a picture of me at the shooting range, boy was I shocked when I saw how bad it really was. The picture showed many bold spots on my head. For Christmas I purchased this cap. I started to use it 2 to 3 times a week. Within a couple of weeks, I saw less and less hair in the sink. I saw new hair growth within the first couple of months. Whatever you do, DON'T give up.

Sophia J

This BoldPro laser cap is easy to use and hair fall stopped After 5 months . Overall my scalp feels more invigorated when I use this BoldPro laser cap.

Orion S

Using this BoldPro laser cap for last 6 months, I have seen regrowth bit and hair fall stopped. So far ok for me. But Only Problem for me is Battery Capacity. Other than that this cap is good.

Bradley R

I would recommend this BoldPro laser cap for hair growth/hair loss.

Theodore A

Being in the hair salon industry I’ve known about this laser technology for years and have seen the results firsthand on my clients. Ready to try for myself I did a lot of research and found this BoldPro laser cap and chose because it’s FDA cleared has 272 lasers, and sells at same price as other products with less lasers. It’s well constructed and sturdy and I love the automatic shut off timer to make it so easy. I’ve been and will continue to recommend this product to my clients!

Eddie B

Have been having hair falling and thinning for the past few years, since using this BoldPro laser cap hair is firmer and hair loss improved visibly.


I purchased this BoldPro laser cap 6 months ago because I didn't want to just give up. I wanted to be proactive, to take some action to try to keep the hair I have left. I was sick and tired of doing nothing, just watching my hair thin more and more over the years. I finally decided to take action, so I bought it. I'm realistic. I didn't expect a miracle, where hair would grow where it hasn't grown for years. Instead I got it to try to keep the hair I have left for as long as I can. THE RESULTS? It appears to be working because I haven't lost more of my hair. That's good. Again, I didn't expect to see new growth, but who knows - I won't know unless I try. I just wish I would have started this sooner (but better late than never, right?). I use this BoldPro laser cap every other day for 30 minutes. I actually look forward to using it because it feels warm and like I'm taking control of my hair. It's not a hassle at all for me to use, but is actually something I like because I'm doing what I can to fight back against hair loss. I wear it in the morning while working on my computer.

Scott B

I’ve been using this BoldPro laser cap for just under 3 years. I feel that this cap has truly slowed down the hair loss I was experiencing prior to using it.

Connor Y

I had thinning hair. This BoldPro laser cap has thickened my hair., Moderate new growth , not losing hair anymore I recommend using this product. I use it every day

William C

This BoldPro laser cap is super easy to use and I can feel the light sensation on my scalp. It actually feels very good. It is somewhat hard to say if I had not started using it what my hair would look like but I can assume the cap is working well and I am happy so that is all that matters. I highly recommend this product.

Julian G

I waited 6 months before writing a review. I am a 66 year old female. Had to take harmful meds. My hair fell out like crazy, especially around an already receding hairline. I had seen other caps like this...for twice the price. I took a chance on this BoldPro laser cap. I am happy to report thick growth around the hairline! I mean thick! Its about 2" long! You can no longer see a wide part on the top of my head! The "whirl" we all have, is far less visible! I am so grateful to have this BoldPro laser cap.

Maisie Ainsworth

I have been using this BoldPro laser cap for more than a year. Results have been great for my hair in terms of thicknesses and strengthening. You need to use as it is recommended and have patience. It is a matter of time and discipline but is worth it! The cap is easy to use and charges in the time specified by the manufacturer.

Jose Isaacs

This BoldPro laser cap came exactly as expected. I got some hair growth and hair loss stopped. A high quality product. This BoldPro laser cap is easy to use and the instructions are simple.

Gabriel G

Okay, have been using this BoldPro laser cap for about 9 months now. My hair is definitely fuller to the point where I am getting compliments. Yes, compliments! After 3 weeks of use, my shedding stopped. The best compliment was when a good friend mentioned my hair recently, I told him about this cap and he bought one immediately. Compliance is the key, but 3 times a week for 30 minutes while I watch TV or do my computer work is nothing. Keeping track was confusing at first. I solved the problem by having a postit on my computer screen noting the date of my last treatment. This has helped me be compliant as there is no confusion of the last treatment date.

Robert K

It's only been 2 months and usually you only see results after the first 3 months but I'm excited for this BoldPro laser cap to work. I did a lot of research and found NIH studies confirming that the specific lasers by this BoldPro laser cap uses have shown to greatly increase hair strand width as well as the ability to regrow dormant (not dead) hairs. I recharge the battery every 15 days and use it for 30 minutes every other day.

Tina S

I have been using this BoldPro laser cap 3 to 4 times a week for the past 2 months and my hair is definitely thicker and more healthy/fuller at the roots. It has also stopped the majority of my hair loss. I am thrilled with the results and so glad I spent the money. Totally worth it!

Ethan C

This BoldPro laser cap is easy to use. Only twice a week and after a few months I noticed less hair falling out as well as new hair growing in and I continue to see improvement to my hair growth. I highly recommend this BoldPro laser cap.

Wesley K

I had two spots where my hair was thin. After using this BoldPro laser cap for 4 months I saw some improvement in that area but lots of new hair in others so my hair is now thicker than before. This took two months before I saw some results.

Abigail J

Bought and Used this BoldPro laser cap for last month. It Feels warm and fits fine. Hoping it works for coming months as it already mentioned to see first result after 6 months.

Ryley Z

This BoldPro laser cap is so simple to use. It's a part of my daily routine and that is without thought or hassle. I have been using this BoldPro laser cap for 9 months now...IT REALLY WORKS AND HAS HELPED ME GROW BACK MY HAIR...THICKER, STRONGER AND HEALTHIER. My initial results were obvious hair regrowth after month 3...then month 6 more coverage and thickness...now at month 9 it's up keep and a welcomed head of hair for my bald and balding scalp areas. My confidence and just a seat for life is back. Please folks do yourself a favor and try it. SCIENCE WORKS!

Beronilla L

That sure yet as it is only been a few months with this laser cap. But I have noticed smaller hairs growing in areas that they weren't before.

Derrick F

I purchased this BoldPro laser cap 3 years ago and I've definitely seen a difference. Actually, I must admit that I didn't notice myself but I've had many people comment about my hair and how it doesn't look like I'm thinning anymore. I highly recommend this BoldPro laser cap.

Everleigh T

I purchased this BoldPro laser cap a few months ago and so far so good. It seems to be a great value purchase overall given the purchase price, quality and # of lasers. I've been using it regularly. Most importantly, I believe new baby hairs are filling in nicely. Time will tell if they grow into fuller thicker hairs but i'm optimistic thus far. I also adjusted my lifestyle a bit for full effect. I'll post again in the future with any updates.

Joe P

Love this BoldPro laser cap and already seeing some progress. Super simple to use and I get 3-4 uses out of one charge, which makes it convenient. Currently using it for 30 minutes every other day. While I haven't used the hat yet it's great that it comes with it. Highly recommend checking it out and compared to the other products I've looked at the price is superb.

Brown R

If I were to rate this BoldPro laser cap, I would give it 1 billion. I am beyond satisfied. My physician recommended that I buy it when I started realizing that my hair was falling out and I used this cap. My hair started to regrow and thicken and all the areas that were balding started to regrow. My mother and my older brother hairs are thinning and I will buy it for them. I'm grateful for the brains behind this.

Elliott T

My hair on top head was very thin; you could see my scalp. The line where I parted my hair was very wide. I felt very unattractive. this BoldPro laser cap started helping within 1-2 weeks because my hair stopped falling out. New little hairs started growing in within 2-3 weeks. I was shocked and delighted. I get up everyday, take a shower, wash my hair and put this cap on my head. I wear it 3-4 times a week while I brush my teeth and put on a little make up. I blow dry my hair and I am ready for the day. I have been using this BoldPro laser cap for almost 2 years. I could not be more pleased. I have never written a review of a product, but this has helped me so much to feel better about my appearance. I wish the same results for you.

Emiliano J

So I purchased this BoldPro laser cap about four years ago. For the last six months the USB port on the back of the cap started to get a little sloppy and it was hard for the plug to make a good connection to charge the battery. I decided to make a phone call and try my luck to see what this BoldPro laser cap could do for me even though I did not have a receipt. The customer rep named Jose was very kind and went out of his way to help me. He informed me that although it was out of warranty they would still fix it. I have used this product for a few years and believe it has helped to stop hair loss. I have not used this product on a regular basis for quite a few months due to the connection issue and in my opinion because of the lack of use I have noticed some “hair shedding”. After they repair it I will pick up where I left off by using it a couple of times a week

William B

I rarely write reviews and like you I was extremely skeptical, I purchased this BoldPro laser cap and have used multiple times a week. It has made significant difference to strengthen and maintain my hair, regrowth is slow and the cap therpy is only a step. I added DrFormulas HairOmega 3in1, and my hair is healthier and thicker. The combination nutrition and Cap does show significant results. Give it 6 Months and take the before and after pictures.

Sarver J

I love this BoldPro laser cap...My hair is growing in nicely...even better than I thought it would.

A z

I bought this BoldPro laser cap around 6 months ago and the results have been incredible!! My hair is fuller and I don't worry about my hair being perfectly in place to cover up bald spots. I highly recommend this to anyone who is losing their hair. Also, an added benefit is that I don't have to use those chemical treatments anymore...it's really a win. The price is well worth the result!

Fernando G

I've been using this BoldPro laser cap for over 3 months consistently and it is working fabulously so far. I can already tell that my hair is thicker, denser and stronger and starting to come back in areas where I was thinning out. I recommend everyone to give this cap a try.

Timothy T

My doctor recommended this BoldPro laser cap. I have been using this BoldPro laser cap for two years, and it's easy, and it works.

Ferrante G

I've been using this product for over three months and my hair loss has definitely decreased. I'm not sure if it's my hair regimen or this BoldPro laser cap (probably both) but I feel my hair feeling more healthy. This BoldPro laser cap is a huge investment so if you're strapped for cash please get something a little cheaper. I think if you can afford it, the investment is worth it for stopping hairloss!

Pokharel P

I have seen results with this laser cap. I have only used this cap for 3 and a half months and have noticed an increase in hair. I'm sure that at the 6 month mark I'll be seeing a lot more.

Beverly V

This BoldPro laser cap is a Great product for thinning hair. I've experienced by using this for 6 months.

Kayson K

I have been using this BoldPro laser cap for about 9 months now, and it is really working for me. Before this BoldPro laser cap I was getting very thin on top and sides, losing a lot of hair, even had to move the part line on my chin-length bob. My hair is wavy/curly, and I blow it out straight. After this BoldPro laser cap I have a nice crop of wavy/bushy hair on the top, sides and back, and even bangs (although I haven't cut bangs for years). The effect of the new growth on my hairstyle is ridiculous, but constant proof of this BoldPro laser cap is working. In the beginning I also used women's Rogaine, but I've stopped using it regularly and will likely discontinue it altogether. I think by summer the new hair will be long enough to smooth into my usual hairstyle.

Kingston J

This BoldPro laser cap very easy and convenient to use, I like that it shuts it self off after 30 minutes. I have only been using this cap for 1 month so not sure if it is going to work or not, but we'll see.

Angelita L

I do not write reviews thoughtlessly and I do my homework when I have to make an important purchase. I stumbled upon this BoldPro laser cap through a divine manner. I was diagnose with alopecia and my dermatologist had me take several blood test to see why I had this condition. He wanted me to take the blood work because everything in my body was pretty normal except my iron may have been a little low. When he received the blood work still the reading was fine. He prescribed me two medications that made me gain a lot of weight and he recommended me to see my family doctor to get her take on what she though was causing the alopecia. I did more blood work and the results were the same. She referred me to a hematologists and again I had to have two more blood work done for the doctor to figure out what was going on in my body. The results were fine and then this young doctor wanted me be tested for hepatitis C. At this point I felt he was fishing and was going to run up my doctors bill. I never went back to see that doctor. When I was the internet this BoldPro laser cap Ad popped up, so I did my investigation by first trying to contact one of the people who said the product worked (I was not able to get in touch with her). Then I called the company and spoke with a representative who was very knowledgeable about the product. I stopped taking the medicines because of the weight gain (always consult your doctor). After speaking with the representative and reviewing the company's website its stated that people who used it more had greater results. So I decided I was going in deep and used it every other day so I can get the maximum results. Many people complain about the price, but if you stop and think about all the money that you have wasted in your lifetime and have nothing to show for it. With this product if you are diligent with the proper use, AND BE PATIENT the result will be worth every penny. I learned of this medical problem when I cut my shoulder length hair to a 1/2 inch cut. For two years my hair would not grow. Since using this BoldPro laser cap (6 months in) my hair grew from 1/2 inch to 4 inches, it is thick and full. I use this BoldPro laser cap watching T.V, doing dishes or right before bed (20 min usage). See the attached pictures. I hope I have been of help in helping you with your purchase decision.

Deborah M

In current market, a good hair stimulating laser devise would cost you at least 5 times more than what you can get with this BoldPro laser cap. They did a really professional job and I already got 3 for my friends. I have been using this BoldPro laser cap for more than 12 months without any problem and you can see the results in about 3 months. Thanks and 100% recommended.

Nouri A

This laser cap arrived within 2 days of placing my order. It was included in a box with other items. This didn't seem to affect this laser cap as it was packaged in its own box. I'm in week 1, and have used it 3 times. I find it very easy to use. I'm keeping a calendar to make sure I use it e/o day for 16 weeks as recommended, and will let you know then how things are going. Female baldness runs in my family so I'm interested in doing everything I can to keep, and hopefully, regrow my hair. I am also trying out the Black Castor Oil (2 Tbsp), Argan Oil (1 Tbsp) and Rosemary Essential Oil (3 drops) mix recommended for hair loss. I like the way my hair feels already! Here is an update...I'm in week 12 using this laser cap, and it seems like I am losing less hair, and I'm seeing some fine new growth hairs. I will be thrilled to keep the hair I have and even more so to have new growth! I'm committed to continuing this treatment.

Deborah M

I have been using this BoldPro laser cap for nearly 4 years and it has helped me recover most of my hair. The therapy is time consuming but it does work only if if u catch it in time before the hair folks close completly

Vincent J

It has been about a month and a half since I started using this laser cap and I am already seeing results even though they say it takes 3 or more months! I am seeing spots that had thinning hair fill in and I am getting hair growth at my hairline now. I use it every other day for 25 minutes at bedtime so it is just part of my routine now. I think this cap works for me and hope the results continue to be even better over time!!

Galloway T

After using this BoldPro laser cap for 7 months , Absolutely does what it says. Saved my balding scalp.

Mason J

I have always had fine thin oily hair. When I started getting almost bare patches on top and my scalp got itchy I went to a dermatologist. She told me this was due to decreased estrogen and that a lot of her patients were helped by minoxidil (use a generic because it's a lot cheaper than the brand name). I started minoxidil, but twice a day was a real pain. I read an article in the New York Times about this BoldPro laser cap and checked it out. Since the instructions said some users had gotten even better results using both minoxidil and this BoldPro laser cap and I was already using minoxidil, I decided to try the this BoldPro laser cap 3x/week and continue using minoxidil, but only once a day at night. I was very pleased with the results, My scalp no longer itches and my hair has gotten thicker, is no longer oily, and the regrowth of hair is now obvious. Yes, you have to continue using it or you revert back to losing your hair, but to me it's worth the effort.

Abraham H

I have been using this BoldPro laser cap for 5 months - Perfect results , excellent product ! Super recommend.

Lawson K

You can wear this BoldPro laser cap at home while you conduct normal everyday activities or just watch TV. It is only 20 minutes a session and gives you time left updates. My hair loss has stopped since I have been using this cap. If you are concerned about your hair loss and want to do something about it, I recommend considering this product.

Bentley J

My own results with this, after almost a year of use, are okay. I'm using several different methods at once and I think this BoldPro laser cap has contributed to some hair growth, in combination with other things. I'm happy with it.

Oliver T

Better then expected! I’ve only had this BoldPro laser cap for a few days, but, I am impressed! It’s easy to charge up and wear for the 30 minutes. It’s surprisingly comfortable- I guess my head is larger then I thought, I wouldn’t mind if the cap was bigger or longer on the sides where my hair is really fine and thinning - I could wear it everyday, but, I’m not sure what the outcome would be? I am familiar with laser hair growth systems, have seen friends have fabulous results! I have been on the look out for one that was somewhat affordable - I’m assuming this is going to make a big difference in the thickness and filling in of the hair on my scalp! I look forward to reporting back in a few months!

Daphne N

I've been using this laser cap for about 3 weeks now, and I'm surprised to see little blond hairs growing in around my hairline. Looking forward to seeing what happens in a few months.

Katie J

I Used this BoldPro laser cap for about a year and has definitely helped with growth. Wish the warranty period was longer.

Raymond K

My hairline is still pretty strong but starting to lose hair since last year. After using this BoldPro laser cap - First month I couldn’t really tell a difference- wasn’t sure what to expect. The biggest indicator is less hair falling out in the sink and shower or when running hands thru hair. Second and third months have been pretty solid. Seems like the lasers help keep what’s still there. Haven’t really had it long enough to know if I’ll get regrowth but so far so good.

Yorke L

I have been using this BoldPro laser cap for 1 year and it reduces my hair fall completely. My hair regrowth there in some parts.

Edgar E

Husband (here), just finished using this BoldPro laser cap for 6 months (three times a week). It takes time and if your patient and stick with using it three time a week, you will see results. Along the way/before 6 months, hair loss is drastically reduced. Then as the months past you will notice areas that were thin will start to look fuller and have more hair. Now will it grow hair if your bald??? NO. Product seems to work best for those who are serious about reducing the impacts of hair loss EARLY on. I consulted with multiple hair loss companies and doctors and each one said based on my age, hair loss, donor hair, etc. that I have a great chance at keeping or maintaining what I have. Were adament hair loss surgery or transplants for my situation were a BAD IDEA. Each company/doctor recommended a laser cap. I was skeptical but I kept going to these free consults and they all said the same thing. OVERALL, the take away is this product works and I look forward to using it for the next 6 months.

Valeria D

I have been using this laser cap for about 2 1/2 months now. There’s a lot of shedding but staying positive as the shedding is part of the process. Hoping for some growth once I hit the 3-4 month mark with this cap.

Terry M

Being a couple, We are more than pleased with this BoldPro laser cap, We have been using it for over 18 months. we experience a little growth. Hopefully it improves growth rate and we recommend this for old age people like us.

Braxton H

I have used this BoldPro laser cap for over a year. I had thinning areas, shedding and a bald spot. After one month, no more shedding and the bald sport started filling in. By three months my hair was overall healthier. By six months my hair was growing nicely all over my head. I highly recommend this BoldPro laser cap if you have problems with hair loss of shedding.

Nicholas H

This BoldPro laser cap is easy to use while relaxing, while reading or while watching television. The cap counts the treatments and keeps a running total. It can remind you of how long is left in each session. If you do not like this feature you can turn it off. You can also adjust the volume. I believe they employ individuals who understand the pain and heartbreak of hair loss. As a woman, losing my once thick, long hair was extremely difficult and depressing. I have shed many tears. I was will to spend more than my budget allowed in order to regrow my hair. I wasted so much money on various treatments that did not help. However, I did not waste my money on this cap. There is no reason to hesitate if you're thinking of trying this BoldPro laser cap.

Gloria M

Using this BoldPro laser cap for 7 months and it Promote growth of hair. I highly recommend this cap for growth of hair.

Adrian K

I am a science major working in a medical spa and I understand the effects and benefits of laser. I am an older then 55 woman who has been using this BoldPro laser cap for almost four months. I have seen a huge improvement in thickness and length. My hair brush barely has any hair after I brush and brush! I love touching, squeezing the fullness of my hair. It also swishes down my back below bra line. which seems like a miracle to me since it has Always been stringy thin and breaking off before getting good length. My lifestyle, food, rest etc has stayed the same. So it stands to reason this BoldPro laser cap is the reason for my awesome improvement.

Donovan D

I have been using this laser cap for about two months and I could see baby hairs growing at my hairline. But haven't seen much results yet. Hopefully there will be obvious changes in the coming months.

Ryan S

Very pleased with this BoldPro laser cap. Works very well. Just as good as the more expensive ones.

Stanley P

Being a nurse, I did a lot of research on this BoldPro laser cap before actually purchasing it. It is FDA approved & could do what it said. After researching many models, I decided on this BoldPro laser cap one as having the maximum number of lasers and a very reasonable cost compared to other 272 laser brands. I not only have a family history of sparse hair with aging, I also have Lupus which can cause hair loss. My hair was starting to get so thin that it looked like a thin brown covering on my head - like it was painted on! I started using this cap few months ago. Within 2 weeks the first thing I noticed was that my hair wasn't falling out continuously!! And over the next 4 months I have seen a thickening. It isn't like my teen years, but I am extremely happy to see a stop to further loss and some regrowth!! I use it for the full 30 minutes about 4 times per week. Over all I am extremely happy with this product and it does help hair regrowth.

Marine M

I bought this product and started using it on May 20 2020. Now almost 6 months later, a lot of my hair has come back. Even after the first two months I was seeing some results. An important fact to consider in this case is that I am taking medication to help block DHT. However the results I achieved are without using any hair growth medication such as Minoxidil or Rogaine. This was only achieved through regular use of this laser cap and taking DHT blocking medication such as finasteride. In summary, I don't know if my hair growth can only have been caused by the usage of this laser cap system or a combination of medication and usage or medicine, but the difference is definitely visible. I would say YMMV, in my case it seems to have worked so I will continue using it!

Juana D

I am almost 1-2 month in with the treatment, and I can already notice the thickness and healthy look of my hair, not just that, but other people around me noticed that too without even asking them. However, put in mind, I am also using this laser cap Hair Gummies. I am HAPPY so far.

Murray A

I Was losing hair. Purchased this BoldPro laser cap in hope that hair loss would stop and hair would regrow. After two years, hair loss has stopped.Hope for some regrowth in coming months.

Emerson K

I have had this BoldPro laser cap for three weeks and it's too soon to say if i am growing new hair but I feel it has stopped the amount of my hair loss daily.

Ricketts B

overall Good product. I have been using this BoldPro laser cap for 5 months, result are are fine. Had growth in some parts and hair decreased slowly. So we have to wait for seeing better results of this cap.

Jaxson K

This BoldPro laser cap makes low lever treatment so easy to use. I have been using the hairmax laser comb since it was first introduced. I have to say I have definitely seen a big difference using low laser treatments. The problem with the comb is you literally have to slowly comb your hair for 30 min straight. Not sure about other men but this form of treatment for me was such a pain. like my arm wanted to fall off. This cap (if that's what they call it) is so easy to use just set on your head and you forget it's there. I have this product at my office desk and put it on after I get back for lunch. I set my iPhone timer for 30 min to remind me to take it off and I can tell it's working because your head is slightly warm that you will only notice when you take off this cap, it actually feels pretty good.

Blackwood K

I have to say after using this BoldPro laser cap during the whole pandemic, I definitely saw a difference. My grown little bit and continuously seeing the difference .

Sawyer F

It has been less than a month since I started using this laser cap and has seen some new hair growth. I Will leave review again once I complete my 6 months.

Roberto C

My husband has been using this BoldPro laser cap for about 6 months and he did get noticeable hair growth within 5 months. He did have to contact the company to get a new charge cord as his failed to work after about 4 months but they sent another one out quickly with no charge to us. No problems since that time. He uses his 3 times a week now and he used it 5 times a week for 6 weeks prior.

Andersen G

I ordered this laser cap system in July and used it faithfully; however, after six months of use, I did not notice a difference in my hair growth. I contacted this laser cap customer service to explain my situation and was planning to return the system for a refund. The rep was understanding and said that I could return the "cap" for a full refund, but added that some customers had success after using it beyond six months. The rep told me that the company would extend their guarantee for an additional six months and would include a gift of shampoo for hair loss. I was extremely impressed with the customer service and am one of many who have commented on the excellent customer service this laser cap provides. I'm hopeful that I will see results, but if not, I must say that I am impressed that the company respects the customers that it serves and is willing to work with them.


I was very frustrated because I was losing my hair so bad, I am 25 years old and my dad is totally bald, he’s been bald since his early 20s so I thought there was nothing I could do, I was thinking on hair implants but I decided to get this laser cap as my last try before that, after 4 months using it I can tell you it works!

Bryan R

I Was skeptical at first but this BoldPro laser cap really works. Very easy to use. 30 minutes every other day while doing computer my work and it shuts itself off automatically. Beeps while you use it to tell you how much time is left. Can see and feel the difference.

Ralph B

Just received it and have used it twice. Feels good on the head. I’m a 60 year old female and I’ve been suffering from hair loss for years as it runs in the family. Looking forward to seeing the results I get. Update It’s been just over two months since I’ve been using this laser cap and it’s working. My hair loss is has almost stopped and I’ve got lots of new hair growing in....no more hair pieces for me. I’m excited to see my results after a few more months at which time I’ll post some pics.


This BoldPro laser cap is Comfortable, and the every-other-day use fits easily into schedule.

Chester C

You have got to buy this BoldPro laser cap if you want thicker, fuller hair than you have ever had!! I am a 45 year old woman, and I have been using this BoldPro laser cap for almost a year now. I've had fine hair my entire life, and it was always a major frustration for me because no matter what I did it was always thin and flat. As I approached 40 my hair thinned out even more so I went to a hair restoration company where they tried charging me $3,500 to $5,000 for their services. I bought this BoldPro laser cap 272 diode cap for a fraction of the cost, and my hair looks better now than it did in my 20's and 30's. The cap so easy to use, I mainly wear it while watching TV. You can wear it while reading or meditating. I do walk around the house with it on at times. It is effortless to use and does all the work. I get so many compliments from my family and friends. Only regret is I wished I found it sooner!

Rose S

I was seriously skeptical when my friend swore by this laser cap as I noticed her hair was a lot thicker. She's Greek heritage and it's been a constant battle for her. I'm blonde so I wasn't sure if this would work for me, but after 5 months of use, I can tell you - IT REALLY WORKS. I thought I wouldn't like the hassle of having to wear it (I don't like maintenance) but it's really no problem at all.


This technology is amazing. I have used this BoldPro laser cap for two years. This cap works. You have to stay consistent using it about every 3 days but it is worth it. My hair is so thick after using this BoldPro laser cap. Love this product.

Xavier V

I was skeptical when I saw this laser cap, but now that I have been using this for about 9 months, I can tell you it really works. Not only my hair visibly denser and thicker after 7 months (you must stick with it) it feels healthier and stronger too. People who had seen my hair loss ask me what I have done and I tell them about this laser cap. I did not use any of the vitamins or shampoos.


I am mid 40's and have recently made some major diet and life style changes that seemed to create some hair loss. I started researching solutions, and decided to try PRP , and a laser cap. I purchased this BoldPro laser cap a few months ago, and was pleased with the quality and the ease of use. So far, the thinning has subsided and my hair seems thicker with each hair cut. I can't pinpoint which method was solely effective, but I ill definitely continue use, as I am VERY pleased with the results! My wife is now using as a preventative measure, so lets hope she doesn't lose it!

Robert W

I was skeptical when I first purchased this BoldPro laser cap, so I took a "before" picture of my scalp. The first thing I noticed was my hair stopped falling out. After I used this BoldPro laser cap as directed for 90 days, I took and another picture of my scalp. My bald spot was smaller and I could see new hair growth! I'm very excited by this as nothing else I tried ever worked so well.

Brantley K

I wish I could give this laser cap 10 stars. After having 8 surgeries in 5 years, my hair was affected by all the anesthesia and began thinning. My doctor recommended this laser cap, and though I was skeptical, I bought this cap to try. The instructions said not to expect any new growth for 3 months, ut my hairdresser noticed some new growth after just one month!

Ellen C

I have tried a lot of things, but i think this laser cap is by far the best investment. After using this cap for 6 months my hair fall stopped and some growth as well. this cap is time consuming and tiring to have to remember to do this every other day for 25 mins, but I try to do it when I am laying in bed on social media and it makes the time go by really fast.

Debbie J

I have had this BoldPro laser cap for 3 months now and am very satisfied with the results thus far. I see some thicker hair and a few hairs lower in front near my forehead line where there were none earlier. My wife has even commented that she is seeing a difference. I think there are also some follicles starting to come in where there were some (apparent) dormant hair grafts. Excellent bang for the buck for a unit with 272 diodes as compared to some of the other similar looking units. I use it nearly every evening for the 30 minute cycle shortly before going to bed. Can be used while reading or using a computer or watching TV etc. I also own a laser comb having only 12 diodes that I paid nearly as much for which was cumbersome to use and did not produce noticeable results.

Hackney B

I’m not sure what is more shocking, the fact that this BoldPro laser cap actually worked for me or that I am continuing to wear what I initially blew off as the “Chia Pet hat”. I received this as a gift from my best friend for my anniversary and I cannot thank him enough! I have been shaving my head bald for well over 15 years, I let go of the insecurity of being “folically challenged” a long time ago. Despite that, shaving your head clean every day is a chore and I only get uncomfortable about my noggin when I let what’s left of my hair grows in. I really hate it how it looks and have been seriously of thinking about tattooing stubbles on my head to help fill in the gaps to look consistent. I am not into tattoos and it’s very expensive to get done but I have been inching closer to pulling that trigger…until illumiflow landed on my head. I have been using it for over 6 weeks and started to see a change in week 3. As mentioned earlier, I shave my head every day except on weekends. I noticed that after almost two days of not shaving some of my bald spot appeared to have a denser stubs and even looked more filled out. I wanted to confirm this so I let my hair grow out for three days just to see what it really looked like. I then shaved like normal keeping close tabs on my dome. By the end of week 3 a little more definitely appeared to come back. Now 6 weeks in I am pretty pumped that I regained enough to go two days without shaving and still feel comfortable going out. Overall, I am extremely happy with this product, especially for being a complete doubter! Being pleasantly surprised by the results is why I took the time to write a review for it, I really want to spread the word to other doubters. I am not expecting this to regrow all of my hair back as I will continue to shave my head but I am very hopeful I can grow more back to keep more of a youthful shaved stubble look. Worth the investment!

Dibartolo M

My hair started to fall out after using an implanted birth control device. It didn’t grow back years later even after removing the device. I was desperate for anything that would help so I purchased this laser cap. I didn’t believe it would work and even kept the package anticipating I would return it. I wore it every other day for 25 minutes as instructed and it really works. My hair grew back! It’s now been 8 months and I continue to see new hair growth. I am truly amazed and so greatful.

Jill S

I am 45 years old and my hair loss was one of main problem for me now. I have gone for many treatments not gave results for me. At last i bought this BoldPro laser cap and used it every other day for 9 months. I was stunned with regrowth of hair in most of the areas also hair fall stopped. It gave a huge confidence for me so highly recommend for this cap!

Deighton J

This BoldPro laser cap has been simply great and its work. My mom gave me one and it worked great. For better Results we have to wait for a while because for me first positive result of regrowth of hair came after 7 months. But i extremely happy for this results and highly recommend tthis.

Halsey L

My wife and I have been regularly using this BoldPro laser cap for 2 months and are very satisfied with its quality, comfort, and efficacy. We conducted comprehensive research on other products before identifying this BoldPro laser cap as the BEST in Laser Cap quality and price. We highly recommend this product and will be posting our success stories in the near future.

Austin R

Great Product! This Cap works. You're not going to grow a new head of hair. It's kept what I have, prevented additional loss, and has stimulate new hair growth in the vertex and crown regions. Use this BoldPro laser cap as directed. Forget about the "doomers and gloomers" complaining about size and comfort. Three times a week for 30 minutes should not test anyone's patience. Especially considering the positive results.

Morris L

First of all very easy to Use this cap. After using this BoldPro laser cap for 6 months , results got better. My hair fall stopped and seen growth in some parts. Waiting for nxt 6 months result.

Ezekiel M

What I like about this BoldPro laser cap is that it’s very easy to use and relatively comfortable. I have a long, skinny head and had my doubts about whether or not this would be a comfortable product to use. I was honestly surprised at how comfortable it was. Don’t get me wrong, though. This is a medical device—I didn’t expect it to feel like I was wearing a beanie around. I typically use it for 30 minutes when I sit down for the eve. Sometimes it’s while reading a book. Other times it’s while watching television. After each use, I definitely feel like some blood flow has been restored to my scalp. Generally what this product has done for me is let me take care of my precious hair follicles and scalp, with the added benefit of peace of mind. As far as quality is concerned, the illumiflow cap arrived as advertised. It came with a short set of instructions about how to use the cap. The battery has been good so far. I haven’t experienced any defects in just over 3 months worth of use. As an engineer, it’s my nature to inspect things like this closely. So far, everything checks out! I will say that I wish the cap looked a little more stylish, but I’m not going out in public with it anytime soon. It’s on point with the other similar products out there when it comes to aesthetics. I also thought that the price was a little steep but it turns out that this BoldPro laser cap is one of the only products of this kind to go through some rigorous testing to become approved by the FDA. That why I chose this cap versus similar caps.

Nathan A

You can wear this BoldPro laser cap at home while you conduct normal everyday activities or just watch TV. It is only 20 minutes a session and gives you time left updates. My hair loss has stopped since I have been using it. If you are concerned about your hair loss and want to do something about it, I recommend considering this cap.

Ann Marie

I was told by dermatologist that I had Alopecia areata and my hair wouldn't grow back especially on top. I researched and found this laser cap in June made purchase July and end December my hair is thriving. I am using Nioxin shampoo/conditioner plus a prescription clobetasol foam. Most companies state People with dark pigmentation shouldn't use light therapy and this laser cap had the scale that suggested other wise. I am extremely happy with results so far and hopefully end of 2019 my hair is back to normal plus some!


So I’ll admit, before I purchased this laser cap, considering it’s not very cheap, I was very skeptical. I’m a 25 year old male that has gone through hair loss for the past 5 years of my life. I started off by trying out minoxidil and finasteride through Hims, which I was taking for the past 3 years. When I kept up on the regiment, (one finasteride pill a day and minoxidil twice a day), it did help, but my hair was still very thin and you could see the scalp at the crown of my head. Around 2 months ago, I decided that I didn’t want to take these pills for the rest of my life for minimal results so I wanted to try something new. I heard this BoldPro laser cap was the original laser cap, so I bought it. After 2 months, I can confidently say that this laser cap is changing my life. The first week I wore it, (and no this was not a placebo effect), I could actually FEEL the blood start flowing back into my hairline (which was receded around 3 inches), a feeling that I hadn’t felt in years! I could FEEL it working! They recommend using the cap every other day, although upon further research I found that the most effective method was likely 2 days on, 1 day off, 1 day on, 1 day off (2-0-1-0-2-0-1-0) etc. I can’t confidently say this will work for everyone, but what I can say is that my hair is almost back to how it looked when I was 18. In less than 2 months! I stopped taking the finasteride (and who knows what kinds of side effects the pill could cause after years) and minoxidil all together, and my hair is still regrowing at an insane rate. Where my scalp was completely bald by my receding hairline there is small blonde hairs getting bigger every day and my hairline is returning. The scalp on the crown of my head now can’t be seen when I bend over, and I’ve gotten so many compliments on my hair already! Again it’s been less than 2 months! I never write reviews, but I felt it was necessary for this product because I want people to know that it’s legit, it works, and it is most definitely worth the price. Don’t wait any longer, get that hair back! (p.s. no this is not an advertisement, just a kid super happy about an incredible product)

Carlton J

Ive tried other laser caps but this BoldPro laser cap works the best for me. I’ve experienced the results. It’s the best price. I did so much research before I chose this cap. It’s been such a success that I ordered a second one for my son. So i highly recommend this for who facing hair loss issue.

Julie W

Being in the medical field, I was skeptical of such an infomercial-looking product. I did my research, and low level laser therapy is an evidence-based treatment for hair loss. I have been using this for almost 5 months now, and am definitely noticing significant new growth. I‘m 30, and went to multiple specialists 5 years ago to diagnose the cause of my hair loss- I just have bad genes. I have been using Rogaine for 4 years now. Although Rogaine 5x a week has stopped the progression of hair loss, I had not noticed new growth. I use this laser cap 3x a week with clean hair. I also use Nioxin system 1 daily. In my experience, any hair loss treatment takes almost 6 months to notice results, so be patient. Wish this was cheaper, but I am quite pleased with my results. Hopefully I’ll be able to wear my hair down in another 6 months :)

Nicolette B

I purchased this BoldPro laser cap in early October of this Prev year, and began utilizing it in an attempt to stop my hair loss if nothing else. I am 59, and my hair turned almost 100 silver white approximately 15 yrs ago, and I had already lost approximately half of my hair thickness in the last few years. Anyone with white hair knows that makes it very difficult to hide the thinning. Before starting treatment with this BoldPro laser cap, I would only brush my hair once a day, and the brush would be totally full hair each day. I had stopped wearing any dark colored clothing as all day long, shedding hair would cover the back of my blouses or shirts, and that was in addition to what was coming out during brushing. I have to say, it has significantly slowed down the shedding, by week 2-3, I was maybe getting 25-35 hairs per day collecting in my brush. So, now after approx 6-8 weeks of use, I may get 5-10 hairs brushing each morning, and I can brush my hair several times a day now and still little or no big collection of hair in my brush, and I can see along my hairline in the front (above left and right temple), new hair starting to grow back! Its not very long yet, but it is there and to me that is a miracle :-) I am thus far very happy with this BoldPro laser cap and with big reduction in hair shedding and growth I can see happening. I would highly recommend it, I cannot say it will work the same for everyone, but for me it has done wonders and I am very happy with my purchase.

Ralph Baker

This will be the first of several reviews and updates. I have been using this laser cap for 4 weeks now. There does appear to be hair regrowing as well as hair strengthening.

Antonio P

I bought this laser cap on June 25, 2020 and it's taken about 10-11 months to see noticeable results in areas where I have peach fuzz around the crown area. Disclaimer: I take Propecia 1 mg every other day, which is supposed to help maintain what hair you have left, I use Ketoconazole 2% shampoo about 3-4 times a week because one of the side effects is small hair growth, I use Rogaine twice a day, and take Biotin 10,000 mcg daily. I've been doing the latter for about 3 years, I am 36. All that couldn't help with keeping the crown area from becoming visibly thinner. I haven't noticed new hair growth, but I have noticed the hair that I do have grow faster and if it can make the peach fuzz grow faster to add some more volume and make the crown area a little darker then I am pretty happy using it. This laser cap feels really nice too.

Castillo D

I am a female, that has thinning hair on the top of my head. I researched laser products for months, before deciding to buy the Restore hair growth system. I have been using this laser cap, for a little over 6 months. I can say, that it is working for me. My hair is a lot thicker, than it was 6 months ago, and it is also a bit longer. I am not going to say that this product, will perform miracles, it will not. It is a wonderful treatment, that can help your hair become thicker, and it has promoted hair growth all over my head. I am pleased with this product, and the customer service from the company. I plan to use this laser cap laser cap, for many, many years.


I purchased this BoldPro laser cap few months ago. Results are not so good as i expected more regrowth.But it stopped hair loss. Hope i will see some growth in next few months.

Gregory H

Been using this cap for well over 6 months. Definitely does not grow new hair, however it does seem to help in keeping the hair you do have though. Hair loss has been significantly lessened since i started using this laser cap. You do need to use it diligently though for it to work effectively.

Jackey A

I have been using this laser cap for quite a while now (over a year and a half) and have noticed healthier hair growth. While my hair is still thin, it grows more quickly and my hair sheds less. So this cap really works for me.

Jimmy J

My hair just started falling out of my hair. I am 62yrs old. I have lost over half my hair. After 3 weeks using this BoldPro laser cap I have noticed significantly less hair loss I am thrilled! Thank God I bought it.

Carolyn N

I had great success using this BoldPro laser cap and I would definitely recommend this cap.

Nathaniel M

I have been using this laser cap for last one year. From Bald to full set of hair is nothing but its a miracle for me. I use it every other day for 25 minutes religiously. An amazing result. I am very happy and it makes me look 10 years younger. Bravo to this laser cap.

Salim M

Love this BoldPro laser cap. Really gets so much of your head. U can walk around. Easy to juice up every 3/4treatments or so. Comfortable and worth the money. Been using for maybe a year now along with propecia and minoxidil. Am a woman in my 60’s. Also take iron and b vitamins. I think all of it together helps except in the frontal area of my head. But my hair is definitely thicker so I will continue using everything......my hair looks normal nothing that one could now notice and that’s a good thing.

Victor C

I am on my second laser cap. My previous one lasted several years at four times a week of use. I notice most that I am no longer losing hair in my part area. I’m not sure if it is growing more hair or just keeping what I have but I am very happy either way as I caught my hair loss early and used this laser cap.

Robert R

I bought this laser cap after reading an online study. I have the frontal sclerosing type that causes my hairline to recede, and it doesn't grow back. After 3+ months of using this laser cap, my scalp doesn't seem to have the flare-ups that it did (I was even getting them with topical steroid use), and a little hair has grown back. It's worth it to me if it will keep it from getting any worse!.

Cody B

50 year old guy here....noticed my hair thinning after taking testosterone thru a doctors supervision.... been using this laser cap for 5 months along with propecia along with this laser cap shampoo and a gummy supplement for hair and nails.

David K

My hair was literally coming out by the handfuls. My hair was everywhere: On my clothes, on the floor, in the tub, in my food!. And then i used this laser cap, it really works for me, but you have to be patient. I have numerous “baby” hairs growing...it will take a few months to feel the thickness.

Henderson L

I started using this laser cap about 4 weeks ago. Already I noticed changes in my hair . It is starting to look healthier and fuller. This cap has given me something I really needed. Hope I will give an update in a few more weeks or so. Very happy so far.

Jordon J

We purchased this hair laser hat thingy because my fiancé was trying to undo damage to her hair and make it full again. She reached out to hair club for women inquiring about their program. The cost was over $4,000 for a year long treatment program. That program mentioned that they use this laser hair hat thing to aid in re-growth of hair. With $4,000 + dollars being a bit out of our price range, we decided to try this laser cap laser hat. Seeing as how we now owned this, she suggested that I use it as well. When I told her that I didn't need it, she decided to let me know that I had a bald spot forming. In total disbelief, she took a picture to show me. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN??? Anyway, I thought, why not? I am using the hat as well as this laser cap pills and her hair growth shampoo serum stuff (my hair smells wonderful by the way!) The treatment with iResotre is for 25 minutes every other day, the pills are daily, and the shampoo is kinda whenever I think about washing my hair which is every few days (don't judge) The laser cap is pretty good quality although it is not terrible comfortable because of my rather large noggin, but it is certainly manageable for 25 minutes every other day. Anyway, I started the routine on 10/27 and today is 11/2. I took a before picture prior to the first treatment on 10/27 and was sitting at work today thinking to myself, I wonder how my bald spot looks? So...I took another picture today, less than a week of following-ish the treatment plan. the left picture is prior to treatment and the right was taken this morning. I sent the picture to my fiancé just as you see here and her response was "That's BU@#$%it!" She leggit thought that I had photoshopped or something. While I don't know exactly what the end result will be (other than looking super cool for 25 minutes a day every other day), after using this cap thingy for 1 week as directed, I already see result. This may not work for everyone, but it seems to be working well for me. And, at a fraction of the cost for a hair treatment plan for her, we both can use this. So far, I highly recommend this thing...you may need to have someone take a picture of the top of your head to prove to you that you have a bald spot, but well with the investment!

Diver B

So far so good. This Laser Cap is easy to use and has good scalp coverage. I understand that I may not see results for a few for few months. I will check back in after I’ve used this laser cap. Essential for the prescribed time for four month of use.

Cally P

I was told by dermatologist that I had Alopecia areata and my hair wouldn't grow back especially on top. I researched and found this laser cap in June made purchase July and end December my hair is thriving. I am using Nioxin shampoo/conditioner plus a prescription clobetasol foam. Most companies state People with dark pigmentation shouldn't use light therapy and this laser cap had the scale that suggested other wise. I am extremely happy with results so far and hopefully end of 2019 my hair is back to normal plus some!

Georgia G

I am a female in her mid-thirties, and in the last 1.5 years I have been experiencing a lot of hair fall due to some hormonal medications, dieting, stress and other things. It has gotten so bad that I can see bald patches on my scalp now. I have tried millions of shampoos, conditioners, serums, supplements, minoxidil...you name it, I have tried it. But nothing is helping. I know this laser cap is not meant for hormonal hair loss but I am really desperate now, and after reading a lot of articles about it I have decided to give this a try. Today is day 1 of me using it...and I will update my review and rating every 2-3 weeks depending on how it goes. Btw, I must note that this is not the only thing I am trying. I am taking Viviscal supplements and using Viviscal shampoo and conditioner too. I am also oiling my hair, rinsing my hair with green tea after washing and practicing balayam yoga. Day 1: First impressions are good. The cap is nowhere as heavy as I had expected, and it was very easy to setup and use. It did start to feel a bit heavy towards the end of the 25 minute session but not overly so. Day 10: Ok, so I have been using this religiously for the last ten days (25 min session every alternate day). So far I don’t see much progress but then again, I wasn’t expecting to. It is probably still too early to notice any difference. On the box it says hair fall should reduce within a month or two so lets see. On the plus side, I don't see any increased shedding that I was told to expect initially. On the minus side, i do get a slight headache while using it. It is mild and it does go away pretty quickly after the session is done but if you suffer from migraines or regular headaches, you want to be a bit careful. 1.5 months: It has been slightly more than 1.5 months so far, and i still see no difference. My hair continues to shed at the same rate, i still see patches and i am still depressed about my hair loss. A bit disappointing but i am not giving up hope. I will continue using this. Also to be fair, i did skip using it for about 10 days last month as i was on a vacation and I didn’t want to lug it around. I am keeping the 5 star review for now because i think it would be unfair to change it before giving it a proper chance, but i may change it the next time I update the review if I don't see results by then. 2.5 months: Ok, so it has been close to 2.5 months now and I have started seeing some positive results. Yay yay yay!! My hair loss is slowly reducing and I see a couple of new hairs on top of my head. I am still losing hair but while it used to be enough to make me cry everytime I combed my hair, now it looks somewhat normal. I still lose more than I like when I wash my hair so hoping that would change soon. Although I have not seen any miraculous results so far, I seem to be responding the way they said so I am ok. P.S. - Again, I want to stress that this is not the only thing I am doing. I am still taking the supplements, oiling my hair etc. However, I had been doing those things before this laser cap too so I feel somewhat confident in saying that the device seems to be helping. One main thing I started last month was collagen supplements. I feel that has helped too. Almost 5 months - Unfortunately my hair loss journey has taken a turn for the worse. My hair fall has increased considerably in the last 1.5 month. I must, however note that I haven’t been very disciplined in using the cap and other hair loss remedies due to some personal issues as well as some travelling i did. I missed a few days of using the cap, and i forgot to take the collagen on more than a few occasions. My hair feels thin and limp, and i feel a bit upset to be honest. I wish i had something more positive to share but this is how things are at the moment. I plan to be more disciplined in my approach from today and hopefully by my next update i will have better news. 7 months - I have been using the cap very regularly in the last two months and I have seen some positive results. I am seeing quite a few new baby hairs popping up on my scalp. They are very prominently visible when I wash my hair. That said, I am still continuing to lose hair. That has not decreased at all. However, I now suspect that this could be due to my shampoo and other products. Because my hair has become so thin, I am using a lot of volumizing products hoping they will add some bulk to it. But I think they are making my hair dry and brittle. Recently my friend commented that my hair looks very frizzy. So I have now switched to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, and hoping that will help. In fact, this laser cap recently sent me their new conditioner as part of a promotion so I am really excited to try that. I also switched from Viviscal to Priorin because after almost 8 months on viviscal, I can confidently say that it is not helping much, and it is so expensive. I am still continuing with collagen and all the other stuff. I will report back next month after trying the new supplements, shampoo and this laser cap conditioner. But for now, I am happy with the baby hairs sprouting on top of my head. Yay. Final update and views: I kinda got bored and stopped updating my results but I have been using the machine pretty consistently all this time. It has been close to 15-16 months now since I started using it. Except a couple of times when I went on vacation, I have used it on alternate days very regularly. After all this time, I can tell you that this doesn't give you any miraculous results. My hairfall has reduced a bit and I did see some baby hair growth at one point but I have been doing so many things for my hair that it is hard to pin down the benefits to any one thing. Also, my hair still looks pretty thin, especially on the scalp. I have not regained my lost hair. I have now accepted it and it doesn't bother me much anymore. All that said, in all fairness, this device was never advertised for hormonal hair loss which is what I have. So all in all I would say that no, this has not given me any noteworthy results. But I do not regret the purchase because a) I had heard a lot about the benefits of laser combs and devices, and atleast now I don't have to keep wondering if I missed out on something that might have potentially helped and b) when I was really desperate about my hair, this gave me a psychological boost. And it did help a little, just nothing miraculous. Whether these benefits are worth spending so much money on is something you have to decide for yourself. But please don't go by the reviews that tell you that the thickness of their ponytail increased dramatically in a month etc. That is highly, highly unlikely to happen. I am keeping the rating at 5 because personally, I did see some benefits and I also feel that people are more likely to pay attention to 5 star ratings.


I have been using this BoldPro laser cap for 5 months. It takes time but hair does look a bit thicker and extremely easy to use.

Damien D

I’ve been using this laser cap for about 6 weeks, so it’s too soon to tell whether it will regrow my hair. That’s why I only gave it 4 stars. Otherwise, I’m happy with this laser cap. It’s easy to use. I have not experienced any negative side effects. You only use it for 25 minutes a day, every other day, so there isn’t a big time commitment.

Edward F

I had to go through chemo and got this BoldPro laser cap to help my hair grow back. I think it helps. You have to be consistent. If you aren't willing to put in the time and follow the instructions exactly then don't waste your money. And you have to be patient it takes time. I bought this BoldPro laser cap one for me and then later bought one for my sis and she has having great results as well. Persistence and patience will pay off.

Diana N

After using this BoldPro laser cap for 9 months, it made such a difference on my psoriasis "snow globe head," I kept at it. My hair loss also Stopped. So i am very happy for this results.

Charlie A

I bought this product in April 2020. My wife was incredulous and made fun of me. My hair loss is subtle. My hairline is receding, and my hair is thinning on my head (reverse mohawk style). Undoubtedly, it has stabilized my hair loss. It was restored some growth on the top of my head. I tried Rogaine for a while; the side effects really got to me. This laser cap has zero side effects; you just have to remember to do it every other day for 25 minutes at a time. I used it twice a day for about eight months. Now I use it 2-3 times a week (I forget often). My wife now thinks it works. Being paranoid about her hair, she uses it now too (she is not losing her hair). My mom is convinced it works. I think it stimulates blood supply to the scalp. Massaging your scalp may also work, but that's more perseverance. If you're looking for dramatic miracles, go get some hair implants. This laser cap works even if you're circumspect, you can't go wrong minus the money spent.

Eileen D

I was little skeptical on buying this, but their six months trial could not hurt, so I jumped. I am glad that I did since this is my second month with the unit and I am starting to see new hair coming out. I am using Minoxidil for some time just to keep what I have, but once I got this laser cap. I am seeing new hair.


I am in my mid 30's and I bought this laser cap because my hair is starting to thin in the front. And omg!!! I have been using this cap for a little over a month now and I already see the difference! My hair feels thicker and the front of my hair looks less thin! So crazy, I know! I highly recommend this laser cap.


I purchased this product because there is research on NCBI that indicates it's efficacy. I noticed immediately, that the light, which is a mixture of laser and LED , had a warming effect on my scalp. After the first use I noticed my scalp burned a little. Within a week, I noticed my hair felt thicker but no visible improvements to the thinning areas. I have always had thin hair, but I am a male, 33 y/o and started to notice early stages of male pattern baldness about 2 years ago. It had reached the point where it was impossible to hide. The hairs were getting smaller and becoming transparent. I was very disheartened, and so in an act of faith (in science), after doing a little research, I decided to buy this device. I am using this product in conjunction with Rogain and Bosley Revive, which I was using before I started this laser cap for years. I saw this as the last hope for my hair. I can't take Propecia because it gave me unbearable side effects. This device has no side effects, so it's safe. Update @ 6 weeks: hair at balding patch looks like it's getting darker. Shaving with #2 reveals a somewhat improved hairline. Update @ 9 weeks: no change. My hair has grown out about half a centimeter. Balding patch still looks thin but with dark wispy growth around the edges. Update @ 4 months: I've started growing my hair out. I've done a little trimming and comb-over is working well now. The hair at the bald patch is noticeably thicker. Also, the hair on the top has become much thicker to the point where I can no longer feel my scalp with my fingers. Overall I just feel like my hair is way thicker and healthier. I had some trouble lugging it around with me over the holidays, so I bought a handheld device for when I'm on vacation, and I can honestly appreciate how convenient it is to have the cap. I hope this thing never breaks. Update @ 9 months: So, it's normal now for people who haven't seen me to comment on my hair, usually asking if I've dyed it darker or just mentioning that it looks thicker. The hairs on my balding patch are fully mature now and seems to be as thick as other hairs although there are fewer of them there. I grew my hair out several inches and at times was sporting some serious volume. My hair is more noticeable in the shower drain, and I experienced one week of excess shedding. But the shedding was temporary and now everything is going well, I'm not worried about hair loss at all. I can feel that my hair is healthy, and I'm enjoying the ability to grow it longer and try different styles.

Mark K

The first thing I noticed after one month of using this cap was that my hair stopped falling out. I have long hair and it was everywhere. I couldn't see if things were better at first but now at the six month mark it's undeniable. My bald patch is gone. It was thinner all over but now it's really coming back. The bald area is definitely thinner than other areas still but it's filling in slowly. I love this Laser cap and it's very easy to use.

Brennan J

I was obviously skeptical at first for this BoldPro laser cap but figured I'd give it a shot. I was hoping to see results in 4 - 6 months as they claimed I would but much to my delight, I started noticing a real difference after only 2. The thinning I had on the back of my head was filling in as was my widow's peak. Having just hit the 6 month mark, I couldn't be happier with the results...my thinning spot is basically gone and I'm actually re-growing some hair in the front.

Myles A

After a month of using this laser cap every other day, I see small little new hairs on my receding hairline and it is very easy to use. Looking forward for next month of results.

Kwanza M

So far, so good! I have been using this laser cap for about three months, and have almost certainly noted an improvement in hair quality and texture with maybe maybe 96% adherence to the prescribed routine of using it every other day. I have definitely noticed less fallout, and am looking forward to what's next in coming months!

Norman E

I bought this laser cap for my husband .It has been a month and I can say hair fall has stopped. I guess it is too early to comment on the regrowth yet. Will comment back again in a month.

Kavita M

I purchased this laser cap recently as an alternative to finasteride medications, which my body can't tolerate due to allergies. This laser cap is easy to use, and take just 25 minutes every other day and it has an easy to use timer. While I just started using this laser cap, I'm very hopeful of the results I will see. I am using this laser cap in conjunction with Rogaine foam, and I look forward to seeing the results.

Joshua D

My husband and I have been using this laser cap for the past 5 months and we've both noticed an improvement in hair density and growth. I have less hair fallout and will continue to use it to encourage and improve the health of the hair follicles. It has been easy to use and is convenient. We can watch TV or be working on the computer while we wear it so it is easy to use and has definitely helped. We will continue to use it along with a healthy diet, exercise and vitamins.

Darlene D

I have been dealing with my hair thinning for several years. I have had cortisones shots in the scalp. I have use various hair vitamins, men rogaine, shampoos and conditioners with little to no results. I have been wearing protective styles for years such as wigs and scarfs. My son's girlfriend was telling how her mother started losing her hair so she visited the Hair Loss Clinic and she purchase the Capillar Laser Cap. She advised that her mother's hair started growing back fuller and thicker. I research the different laser caps and decided to purchase this laser cap because you use it every other day for 25 minutes instead of the other cap which was every day for 5 minutes. I started using this laser cap on 4/16/20. My current hair regime is rogaine, leave-in conditioners and hair oil. I also wash and deep condition my hair by sitting under the hair dryer every Sunday. I am taking weekly photos of my progress and it appears my hair is getting thicker and fulling in. I'm truly opportunistic!! The only two cons would be the price and its bulkiness.

Leona T

Overall excellent/comfortable. The cap does slip if I move around, but that is likely because I have a narrow head. It works and the price, compared to others, is more fair.

Landon H

My husband has been loosing his baby fine hair for 25 years. I would cut his hair with a #2 razor and die a little every time because I would see more skin than hair on top of his head. I saw reviews and FDA approval on a few hair laser growth systems. I decided on this laser cap Hair Growth system because it covers the entire top of the head, was reasonably priced and had a 6 month trial money back guarantee. I bought it for him for Christmas which has turned out to be the best present I could have ever purchased. It’s been 10 months and there is so much more hair! We were skeptical at first, because let’s face it, his hair has been gone for 25 years, but it is coming back! We saw hair growth within the trial 6 month period! Crazy! It’s been 10 months and there is even more hair! He has silver grey hair but the new hair is coming in darker. He has been using it per instructions religiously. The photos are a before (2 week old hair cut) and after 10 months (fresh hair cut). This product is for real. I emailed a review to the company who replied by saying continued use will produce continued new hair growth. Men don’t have to be bald anymore!!! It’s a miracle, truly! I highly recommend this product.


After only 3 months I've seen significant regrowth and can not only see the difference but I can feel the small hairs growing in on my scalp. I'm a very happy and satisfied customer and will continue using this laser cap. Love it

Ted N

This BoldPro laser cap has worked great for me and has been more cost effective than anything else I have tried.

Becker J

I ordered this laser cap at the end of this July and started using it immediately after I received this cap. I was thinning on the crown area of my head and some up front and so far it appears to be working. I was allowing a full 6 months to see results so I am excited to see results.

Frank A

We were a little apprehensive when ordering this laser cap, as not sure this cap would work for us! 6 weeks later and we are not only seeing thicker hair, but regrowth as well. I am 70 and my husband is 74 . He had a complete bald patch in back of head and a very receding hairline. He now has hair in the bold spot and a patch of hair is growing on his "former hairline". I too, had a few pea sized bald spots on front of my head and crown, and now I cannot find them. My hair which has grown to be fine over the years, is now thicker than when I was much younger. I'm losing less hair when I brush it. We are truly AMAZED, ASTONISHED & GRATEFUL!!!

Patricia B

At first I lost a lot more hair, so much that i bought a headscarf. But despite the massive hair loss from the first 2 months of using this laser cap I decided to stick with it. My hair is now as thick as it was before I started this laser cap. I'm only 4 months in. I hope that by month 6 my hair will be thicker than when i started. I do recommend this product but just be aware that your hair loss will be much worse during the first 2 months or so that you use this laser cap. If you can tolerate that extra hair loss and stay committed to trying it for 6 months than I would say this is worth buying.

Sharon R

I am a 72 year old female. I had normal hair which was slightly thinning from age. Last year I experienced “extreme” stress for eight months due to someone very close to me dying of cancer. I had extreme weight loss went from 103 pounds down to to 88 pounds. I did gain back my weight but four months later I lost 20% of my hair. I was totally freaked out. SHOCKED ! I started using the laser cap in June. First couple of months my hair started to shed pretty bad. Much worse shedding than before the stressful year I had just experienced. But I continued to use the cap anyway. The shedding stopped after a few months of using the cap. Now it is mid October and the texture of my hair has definitely greatly improved ! I did stop getting blow outs and I am very careful about conditioning my hair. I tried this laser cap hair products and did not like them. I don’t use them. I don’t ingest anything for hair loss and do not use any topical hair loss products either. In the last few months there seems to be “some” not many but some new short hairs. My hair definitely is shedding less. I think this product works for some people. I am in excellent physical condition and have always eaten a super healthy diet. I use a body composition scale and have excellent readings - play tennis ski walk generally in much better shape than majority of people my age. Hair loss is a total nightmare - this product might work for you. It is worth the chance ! I have one complaint. The company gets people to write reviews immediately after purchasing which is ridiculous. It takes months to see results and I definitely had “increased” shedding (pretty bad) in the first few months which is scary. But I had lost so much hair from lost weight and stress I was willing to keep trying. I intend to keep using the cap indefinitely. My one complaint in this laser cap should stop telling customers to write reviews immediately. They should tell customers to wait at least four months before reviewing their product. People are not stupid. We use reviews to figure out what to do. Padding reviews from desperate people (we are all desperate when we loose our hair) who just purchased the product and are hopeful doesn’t allow the public to read a cross section of the public’s response to see who the product worked for and who it didn’t. If you can afford it try it. It helped me. Maybe I will gain back my normal hair eventually.

Smith S

Baby tiny hair was grown after used this laser cap for three months, although not at the area i care about the most. Hope to see the result in the next few months.

Gibbons R

Just started using this laser cap with Laser Hair Growth System. Very easy to use and this cap is well made. Reasonably priced when compared to other hair growth Caps.

Michael V

First and foremost, after using this BoldPro laser cap every other day for roughly a year, I definitely see a significant improvement. AS of now this cap doesn't perform miracles but it works. There is a commitment of time and patience that is involved. Overall this cap is Good for hair loss.

Scarboro J

I am writing this review after about 8 weeks of use. My hair was turning very gray and thin when I bought this laser cap Laser Hair Growth System - Essential. After reading the directions and watching a couple of YouTube videos, I started my every other day treatment. Of note is the fact that I traveled the week my treatments started, and the unit travels well in a suitcase. About three weeks ago, I noticed that there was a lower percentage of gray hair. I assume that some of the follicles have started either working again or new follicles are growing. Anyway, the difference is noticeable and I am very happy with the product. I typically use it while drinking my coffee in the morning. I am also trying out the vitamins, so that may be helping. So far, I am happy.


I have been using this laser cap for 4 Months. It's comfortable, easy to use, and so far I have noticed that my hair loss has slowed down to a "normal" level. I am very happy with this laser cap so far and will update this review when I have more to report, but try it, I am glad I did.


With hairloss on my mom's side of the family, thinning hair has always been a concern--especially as I moved past 40! I use Nioxin (2), take biotin, use another hair growth stimulator and had used a hand-held hair laser for more than a decade to help address the issue. It had been fairly affective and I still maintain a full head of hair. However, there was that thinning area at the top of my head. Lately, I had noticed that spot expanding. That's when my little hand-held laser went caput after 10 years. I replaced it with this laser cap. It's only been six weeks, but so far things have gone very well. That 'spot' is in check and not expanding--actually, there seems to be some re-growth occurring! Plus, my hair is thicker and feels 'healthier'. It is pretty expensive--but that would be my only 'knock'. It's easy to use--just 25-minutes while reading or watching TV so no problem there (much easier than the hand-held where I needed to move it from spot to spot and time out a minute in each area.

Scott T

This laser cap is very easy to use, put on plug in and wait 25 minutes every other day, too early to see results, when I do I will give another star.

Mike C.

I would like to recommend this BoldPro laser cap for it's hair regrowth! It seems to really make a difference.

Ronald H

I didn't want to use minoxidil anymore and this laser cap is working great. I left Minoxidil that only using the cap now and hairs are growing back!

Marcelo V

I was skeptical because this laser cap is not a small amount of money, but I figured with a 6 month return window, how could I lose?. I've been using this cap for less than two months now, and I have a fringe of 1/2" long hairs growing where before I had none! If hair loss has become a problem, I recommend you get one of these.

Rhonda L

I've been using this laser cap for about 5 months now and it has made a huge difference in my hair loss. My hair is thicker and the shedding has diminished significantly. In addition to new growth in thinning areas. I rated 4 stars because I wish I could charge it and not be constraint to a power outlet. Otherwise, it does what it claims and I could not be happier with my results. Thank you so much for providing such a helpful laser cap to people suffering from hair loss. As with everything consistency is key!

Paul D

I lost a significant amount of hair in April, either due to stress from my mother's deteriorating health and death or because I was placed on two blood pressure medications soon after her death due (amlodipine and bisoprolol). Or it could be both. Beta-blockers--bisoprolol is one--can cause hair loss because it blocks norepinephrine. I tried Minoxidal for about 30 days and it made the problem worse, so I switched to using a mixture of organic jojoba oil, organic neem oil, organic tea tree oil, organic white thyme oil, and organic ginger oil. I used it on my scalp 2x a week for 3-4 hours at a time. A good portion of my hair grew back, in a U shape primarily, but not much grew back in the center. Then, I used an apple cider vinegar wash to exfoliate my scalp. It helped a little, but still not enough. I then introduced 500gs of Saw Palmetto daily. Seemed to help some, but still not enough. So I decided to look into this laser cap. I reviewed some peer-reviewed research on red light therapy and hair regrowth related to collagen (reduced collagen can cause hair loss) as well as androgenic alopecia prior to investing in the unit, because the amount paid is steep. I don't have an official diagnosis, because I am waiting to see an endocrinologist, but I thought I'd give this laser cap a shot since they have a 100% refund policy for the first 12 months after purchase. All my other labs are normal so far (e.g. autoimmune, thyroid, etc), so I know there are no other causes for the hair loss so far. I purchased this product about 30 days ago. It took about 3 weeks of using the cap before I noticed a decrease in shedding. My shedding is down by about 70%. I've made certain to control for the cap to make sure nothing else could be causing the decrease; I don't introduce new products that could cause hair growth until using the new product for 30 days. I am unclear if I see any new hair growth, but I know it will take a while. They state at least 6 months. Recently, I have also found out ferritin needs to be 70 or over for normal hair growth. Mine was 36. So, under a doctor's supervision, I am now taking 200 mgs of iron a day. I also recently starting drinking collagen peptides, so I ultimately won't be able to say assuredly if the product is regrowing hair, but I'd like to say it will considering it has reduced shedding substantially.

Christina C

I've been using this laser cap for less than a month. I expected results to take months, but I'm see a huge difference already. My hair loss is in the temple area and was receding badly, but now I have new hair growth and those areas are filling back in. Best purchase I ever made!

Jennifer J

I was beginning to thin in the crown and at age 53 I guess it’s not unexpected. I bought this laser cap as a last effort to save my hair and was very surprised at how well it worked. It took a few months but this along with minoxidil fixed my thinning hair. The crown no longer looks like I’m going bald and my hair is fuller. I highly recommend this laser cap.

Matthew W

I've been having some hair loss issues for approximately 2 years. Tried several products including hair growth supplements, Rogaine, Biotin, etc....I was somewhat reluctant about purchasing this laser cap Hair growth system but I can honestly say 5 months later it was the best investment for my hair loss issues. It states that it may take up to 3 months to see some results and it did take that long. However, the hair seems stronger and the shedding is minimal. If you're contemplating buying this product I wouldn't hesitate.

Linda R

Well, I am one month using this laser cap. I have followed directions and used every other day for 25 min. As of right now, I have new hair growth, it’s short, but it’s new growth! The customer support is incredible! They answer you very quickly!

Vincent V

I’ve been using this laser cap every other day for almost a couple months now and already I’m seeing less hair fallout and thickness. There was a brief shedding period, but that’s expected.

Richard C

I received this laser cap about 3 weeks ago. It’s too early for results, but I’m loving it so far! It’s super easy to use. I just set an alarm on my phone for M-W-F and I usually watch TV during my treatments. Like many women over 50, my hair is getting thinner with every passing year. I am now wearing wigs because my hair is too thin to style as I’d like. I’ve got several nice wigs, but rather wear wigs for fun, not because I have to. I decided to invest in this laser cap because it costs what I’d spend in 1year of hair salon visits if I was still going. If it works for me, like it has for so many others, it will be the best investment I’ve ever made!

Davis P

I've only had this laser cap for 2 weeks so far. It arrived on time. It was packed well, the instructions were easy to understand. I like the built-in timer, just push 2 buttons-power and start. 25 minutes flies by when I'm returning emails. It's also comfortable to wear. Head warms up just a bit which feels good. Update: After roughly 5 weeks my hair does feel thicker and fuller, not sure how the LED's work but they're doing their job. Laser should be working with results expected around the 6 month point. Truly feeling good about this investment. I feel like this is a good company who stands behind their products so I went ahead and bought a 1 year supply of the vitamins. I figure I might as well hit this from all sides and do the best I can.

Richard B

I wanted to wait until after using this laser cap Hair Growth System for 6 months before doing a review because I wanted to be objective on the review. I must say that it does work but you have to have patience as each person will have different results some faster than others. For me it's about 6 months before really noticing the difference. I even took photos in stages so that I can see for myself the progress. My husband even noticed the filling in of new hair growth and commented on it which was great feedback. He can definitely see the back of my hair. When I wash my hair, I noticed I don't loose as much hair which is a great sign of the system is working. Also when brushing less hair is falling off. I use this faithfully per instructions (25 mins everyone other day). This product is a keeper for me now that my 6 months for the trail period had expired. I don't regret spending the money for this laser cap because it does work!

Tommie B

I was skeptical about this laser cap but think it's making a difference. Looks like my hair is shinier/ stronger. Less breakage. it's easy to use- I sit at night watching Netflix with my cap have only had it a month so will see how it continues and update maybe in a few months after continued use.

Xica R

Just started using this laser cap so I can’t rate how the progress is going yet, but I can say that it is very convenient and is not time consuming. I wear the cap while working on my computer or just watching television. Hopefully all will work well as far as my hair restoration. I’ll leave an update in a few weeks. Update: February 17, 2020 I’m seeing amazing results with my hair growth. This product is working very well on my hair. I wasn’t sure if this product worked on African Americans, but seeing is believing. I use this cap 3 times a week along with hair supplements. I was diagnosed with Androgenetic Alopecia and Central Centrifugal Cicatrical Alopecia about 6 years ago, although my thinning hair wasn’t real noticeable to some for me it was devastating because I’ve always had long thick hair. Using this laser cap has given me my confidence back! I would suggest to anyone experiencing hair loss to at least give it a try. Remain consistent and dedicated to the process to see if you get positive results.

Timothy B

I have been faithfully using this laser cap for about a month now. It is a very sleek looking and well-made piece of equipment. I find it comfortable to wear, and covet the 25 minute sessions as me time for reading, watching tv or catching-up on email. My husband calls it my Stormtrooper hat. I threaten to sic my boss Darth Vader on him and shut the bedroom door! I have definitely lost some hair in my worst area, but understand this is normal. I AM NOT deterred! If quarantine has taught me anything, patience is right up there with safety and cleanliness. This is really my last hope. My alopecia is centered on the front of my crown. It is hugely noticeable. I have had to wear a very expensive hairpiece for many years. It is now 8” shorter than my own (very full and medium brown hair) 10x lighter, and the bangs look ridiculous. I have been wearing loose-fitting hats when I can. As a parish minister I have been front and center of hundred’s of people every week. Am I self-conscious! 100% This laser cap is giving me hope. So, I will give it my faithfulness and patience. BTW, the shampoo is great! I’m not a fan of the blinking red light in the cap, but I’ve adapted to it. It is nothing compared to the mortification my hair loss has given me.

Curtis P

I have used this laser cap for several years and it still works perfectly. It's lightweight, sturdy, and is very simple to use. I purchased this laser cap primarily to prevent increased thinning and so far I've not seen any worsening. The only thing preventing me from giving this product five stars is the price.

Shari S

I have only been using this laser cap for 4 weeks. I am sure I will be better informed on the results if I continue to use it as recommended. I set my phone to remind me every other day to put my this laser cap on. I really hope it works well. I will absolutely be truthful when I can give a results review in the next few months. So far so good

Shehab L

After reading the clinical research I purchased this laser cap. I have been fairly consistent in using it three times a week over the last year. After one year of use I have not seen significant hair regrowth with this laser cap. A 1x1 inch patch of hair on the center of my head did stop falling out and actually filled in a bit. My dermatologist tells me that the best results come from a combination treatment. PRP, Propecia, Rogaine foam 5% and this laser cap. Recently, I started using PRP, Propecia, Rogaine along with this laser cap. I have previously tried Propecia and Rogaine with very poor results. However, when Propecia, Rogaine and PRP are combined with this laser cap the results are much improved. This combination is is definitely restoring significant amounts of hair. By far the best results I have ever received from any hair loss treatment. I have regained almost ten years of lost hair with this combo. Unfortunately, I still have quite a ways to go.

Edward S

I have lichen plano pilaris and female pattern baldness so I've lost a fair amount of hair in the last year. My dermatologist suggested I try a laser hair growth system in addition to other treatments she prescribed. I did a lot of research and decided on this laser cap. The price was average, it looked sturdy and had many good reviews. I've used the cap as suggested, 25 minutes every other day and will say it's very easy to use and doesn't cause any irritation or feelings of heat. It will take 6 months to a year to see possible regrowth of hair but at my recent appointment my doctor noticed regrowth around the scarred areas on my crown (LPP kills follicles) and the front areas (FPB) seem fuller so I'm impressed. Will report back next May after I've used for a full year.

Nella S

After 6 months, this laser cap worked as advertised, but the results were modest for someone with less than moderate hair loss, because I experienced about a 34% growth in hair count. But I do believe this laser cap would be perfect for someone with modest hair loss, or that is just starting to lose their hair because of genetics. I would get this laser cap again though, because there was significant growth.

David L

This laser cap is a very good product that you can use without any pain or discomfort. Nothing negative not to like except wait and see your hair regrow again. Also the fact that the company is willing to accept it back in six months shows how confident this company are. I love it, I'm using it every other day and I can see major result first 3 months of using this laser cap.

Marlene A

After using this laser cap faithfully for the past 7 months I do have a new growth of hair in the areas that were thinning. I also used generic romaine for the past several years with little success. My hair is very fine and thinning around the widows peak. Even my hairdresser was impressed and i can see tuffs of shorter hair growing in. I highly recommend this laser cap.

John B

I did a lot of research before choosing this laser cap. There are a number of caps on the market, each with its pros and cons. I chose this laser cap because it was reviewed as being effective and well-made with a good warranty and good customer service. I have found all of that to be true. I have been using the cap as well as minoxidil foam. It has been almost 3 months and my hair already looks thicker.

Williams BJ

My wife and I have been using this laser cap consistently every other day (we have only missed three sessions so far) for three months now, and she has already experienced a marked decrease in the amount of hair loss she was experiencing prior to starting her treatments. She suffers from low iron in the blood and issues with her thyroid, which she has been told contributed to her hair loss, but none of the medications/supplements she is taking for these issues have proven effective with her hair loss. This laser cap seems to be doing the trick, and she is eager to continue the 6 month trial period before claiming ultimate victory On my end, I believe I am experiencing the stage described when weaker hairs on my head are perhaps falling out at an increased rate to make room for healthier follicles. I have experienced some additional losses there, but overall, the hairs still there feel stronger /healthier. I think I have a ways to go before I start seeing the full benefits of my treatment, which would make sense as my condition is more severe than my wife's. I have faith and am sticking to the program until I can make a better determination of progress at the six-month mark, at which point I will update this review. Overall, however, I find the unit to be very convenient, painless, and effective thus far. The only reason that I gave this laser cap a four is that it appears as though I purchased the product right at the end of the lifecycle of it's previous generation.

Karmabum A

Got this laser cap a month ago and I’m already seeing solid results! My hair appears thicker, and some areas appear to be filling in a bit. Product is easy to use: just hit start and let it do the work for 25 minutes. Heartily recommend!

Jack W

This laser cap is great and compared to my previous use of Minoxidil which personally is more work than using this laser cap. Reason being, all I have to do is turn on the cap, place it onto my head as a cap and the timer is set for 25 minutes. During that time, I check my email, do some work or whatever I like. That's it!! I've been using this laser cap so far for 2 weeks and already can see my pattern baldness on top of my head grow hair in the area that was becoming extremely thin. The hair also is feeling thicker than before. I definitely would recommend this for anybody experiencing pattern baldness and those persons using Minoxidil for treatment. You can continue using Minoxidil which will only enhance the growth experience.

James M

My son has alopecia and I have thinning hair. We have both used this laser cap every other day for 25 min since Oct 2019. In April 2020, after 5 months of use, I have noticed tuffs of new hair for both of us. We have hair growing on our thin spots that is 2 inches long! We have hope at last! No need to buy super-expensive products. The price for this very easy to use cap is well worth it.

Gwen M

I have experienced massive hair loss for over 6 years. I’ve tried everything; hormones checked, thyroid checked, nutrition, biotin, collagen - everything. Nothing worked. I was horrified to see handfuls of hair coming out daily. I eventually broke down and resorted to hair extensions and wigs. In January 2020 I found this laser cap. I was skeptical, but with the 100% money back guarantee I was willing to give it a shot. All the short hairs in the picture above are new growth - my hair is finally coming back!!

Gina B

I was very frustrated because I was losing my hair so bad, Im 25 years old and my dad is totally bald, he’s been bald since his early 20s so I thought there was nothing I could do, I was thinking on hair implants but I decided to get this laser cap as my last try before that, after 4 months using it I can tell you it works! This is what I’ve been doing, I’ve been using this laser cap every 2 days, I use Nizoral 2 shampoo every 2 days as well, and minoxidil just once every day and thats it.

Bryan RP

My hair loss has completely stopped and last time I visited my stylist, she mentioned my hair looked thicker! It's a little early in my usage to see a noticeable change, but I use this laser cap faithfully, every other day as recommended. I'm still hoping for the best and plan to get my 34 year old son one for his birthday, if things continue the way they are. I was to the point I would try again and am very happy I took a chance on this.

Clinton A

Many men begin to lose hair as they move past their youth. This is a combination of many factors including hormonal changes and stress. I used to have hair like a lion's mane in my 20's and 30's. As I reached my early 40's. I began noticing serious hair loss in the shower while I was going through divorce. There would be dozens of strands of hair everywhere in the shower. I had not really experienced any serious hair loss prior, although my hair had grown somewhat thinner and hairline had receded about an inch once in my 40's. Since there were no bald men or women in my family, I figured the hair would grow back. NOT. As the hair loss accelerated over the next two to three years, I began to see my scalp shining through. I realized I had to stop the hair loss, as it was an integral part of my self-confidence and self-esteem. I first tried minoxidil products, but I realized the results were minimal and I didn't like the mess. I then purchased a laser comb after having read studies on laser therapy, but found that the comb was a real pain as you had to move the comb through your hair with pauses and the whole process easily took over 30 minutes to cover your entire scalp. Shoulders get a bit tired doing this, mind you and you have to keep replacing the batteries. I finally relented and decided to purchase a laser-therapy cap. After reading all the reviews, I decided to fork out the $500+ dollars for this laser cap system. I use this laser cap every other day as suggested along with The Fitzrovia Centre shampoo and Nizoral shampoo (alternate) to destroy the DHT in the scalp. I can tell you that after 6 months of regular use, I have definitely noted not only the thickening of my hair and density, but a complete stop of hair loss. The hair does grow faster while on the therapy, so be prepared for regular haircuts. I can say that my regimen of DHT blocking shampoos and this laser cap has been an effective combination for reversing hair loss and increasing hair density. I will continue the use of this laser cap and the DHT blocking shampoos and hope the density continues to increase over the lifetime usage of these products and that I will be able to restore the density to where it was in my 20's and 30's.

Bizman J

I purchased this laser cap in July when I noticed my hair was thinning. The doctors were not sure of the reason and informed me of laser therapy. I researched it and found this laser cap. I decided to purchase it and give it a try. I have been using this laser cap every other day since it arrived and have noticed significant improvement in my hair. It so very easy to use and has been worth every penny. To have the treatment done at a professional hair replacement salon would be far greater than the cost of owning your own device. I would highly recommend this item.

Michael T

At first, I lost a lot more hair, so much that i bought a headscarf. But despite the massive hair loss from the first 2 months of using this laser cap I decided to stick with it. My hair is now as thick as it was before I started this laser cap. I'm only 4 months in. I hope that by month 6 my hair will be thicker than when i started. I do recommend this laser cap but just be aware that your hair loss will be much worse during the first 2 months or so that you use this laser cap. If you can tolerate that extra hair loss and stay committed to trying it for 6 months than I would say this is worth buying.

Donna F

I have been using this laser cap Hair Growth System for over 2 months now and I have already been seeing some positive results. I noticed that I am not shedding as much hair but more importantly I am starting to see some new hair growth. They say that normally you will not start seeing noticeable results until the 4-6 month mark. So this was a pleasant surprise to me. I will try to come back and give an update when I get to 4 or 6 months. If you have been losing your hair due to classic male pattern baldness (caused by DHT). I would say that you should definitely give this a try. Also keep in mind that they have a 6 month money back guarantee. I just wish that I would have tried this first instead of wasting my money on various other supplements.

Kevin G

I bought this laser cap for my husband on Jan 2020.Its been a month and I can say hair fall has stopped. After 1 month usage.There is definite regrowth of hair.

Bethany W

I am only halfway through the recommended therapy treatment of 16 weeks. This laser cap is easy to use. I can put it on while working on the computer or watching television. It seems to have reduced or maybe eliminated hair loss as I no longer find stray hairs. I am not sure if it has increased the number of active follicles, but my wife says it has and she can see the top of my head better than I can in a mirror. So far I have not tried any lotions or potions, just this laser cap. I have been wary of the application of various chemical because of the systemic effects. My wife wanted me to look at the PRP (platlet-rich plasma) therapy, but PRP was very expensive. This seemed to to the same thing by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles but a much less cost and without injections. Finally, what convinced me to try this was the fact that there are results of the effectiveness of this product in the peer-reviewed scientific literature.

Joseph D

I have been using this laser cap Hair Growth cap for a little over a month. Its a little early to tell but it does it appear to be working. Definitely worth the try. The only reason I haven't give them aa 5 star is that I have been using this laser cap long enough to 100% confirm that my hair is growing back.

William B

This cap is amazing. Like, shockingly good. I've been dealing with female pattern hair loss for about 4 years now (I'm 26) and at a certain point it got so bad that I couldn't touch my hair without it falling out and my part was really thinned out, especially in the front. I say all of this to emphasize how bad the situation was, to the point where I was using Rogaine and taking prescription DHT blockers and it was barely maintaining the hair I still had. It definitely was NOT growing new hair. Back in June I was watching a popular Dermatologist's video and she highly recommended this laser cap, so I thought it was worth a shot (especially because of the return policy). I started using it in June of this year and have INCHES of new, thick growth. I hardly lose any hair anymore and it's growing incredibly fast. I still use Rogaine and take this laser cap DHT blocker supplement as well (it's great), because I think a multi-angled approach is the most beneficial for me and my hair health. Anyway, I hope this review is helpful for anyone that's skeptical or hesitant to make such a large purchase, it is WORTH it, I promise

Emma L

I have been using this laser cap almost 2 months. It is part of my hair care regime for Telogen Effluvium, which I contribute to going through a phase of extreme stress, nutritional deficiency etc. But, I am seeing growth, where I want it to be but I am seeing the progress.

Paula T

I am using this laser cap to restore hair growth which it has done to a certain degree and other people have noticed. I will most likely never have the hair line that I had when I was 20 years old but it is better with this laser cap which I continue to use on an every other day basis.

John C

This Really works..After stressing my hair with tension of braids and protective styles it began to thin out. I've been using this laser cap product for 2 months along with their biotin vitamins and a DHT blocker and ive seen a tremendous difference in my hair! It is actually growing back and is getting thicker. The manual says to allow 3-4 months before you began to notice hair growth but not for me...Im seeing a difference now and I can't wait to see the amount of growth in 4- 6 months. This really works!! I am so happy I purchased this laser cap

Kenyata P

FDA Cleared Bold Laser Pro272 Cap Hair Loss Regrowth LLLT System

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  • Bold Laser Pro Hair Growth System is an FDA-cleared hair loss treatment device used to treat hair loss caused by alopecia, receding hairline, balding & thinning hair to and to stimulate hair regrowth for both men and women.
  • 6-Month 100% Money Back Guarantee – You can expect to see visible hair improvement in as little as 3 to 6 months. If you don’t see results with our laser hair loss cap in 6 months, feel free to send it back for a full refund no questions asked.
  • FDA Cleared Technology Bold Pro Laser Hair Growth System is an FDA-cleared hair loss treatment device for treating alopecia, receding hairline, balding spots & thinning hair.
  • Clinically Studied and Proven Technology Clinically studied by doctors and researchers and found to effectively promote hair regrowth for men and women. *In a rece